Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Armstrong and Their Psychic Events For 2013

lohanJust a few celebrity psychic predictions for 2013. From

She’s facing legal cases in both Los Angeles and New York following a string of run ins with the law but according to Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Mark Jay Heller, the troubled star’s future is looking up as a psychic has told the actress 2013 will be “extremely lucky”.

The lawyer made the claims yesterday following a court appearance in New York yesterday regarding charges of misdeameanor assault following a fight in a Manhattan nightclub last year.

Heller, who arrived in a luxury Rolls Royce for the appearance, appeared to be banking on good luck to get his client through the case and even had a white rabbit leg hanging off his Louis Vuitton brief case.

And from

Taylor Armstrong has been just sad this season. She appears to be intoxicated quite often and the things she says are just off the wall. Well, she is just getting more off. She had a psychic come in and cleanse her home. Apparently, the bad energy was just building up.

On a more somber note, commented on a parent of a child attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School, scene of the recent American mass shooting tragedy, who believes her child’s psychic abilities may have saved his life:

A mother at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. is claiming that her son’s psychic powers saved him because he had panic attacks that took him out of school before the Dec. 14 shooting occurred.

According to reporter Sandra Clark, “Karen Dryer’s worst nightmare started to unravel when her young son Logan Dryer, 5, became so anxiety ridden when he went to kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School that she decided to pull him out of school just two weeks before the deadly massacre.

“Logan started kindergarten in September 2012. He was perfectly fine in September and October, and then in November he started acting strange. I got an email from his teacher saying he was a little weepy and then I started getting phone calls that Logan was crying and wanted to go home. Eventually it got so bad that I took him to the doctor who ran tests, saying that Logan was perfectly healthy.”

Logan’s doctor suggested that he be home-schooled for several weeks, though he and his mother visited the school once a week so he could socialize with friends. During those visits, his mother said, the boy would become visibly upset as if he knew something bad would happen. Karen Dryer came to believe that her son’s concerns and fears revealed his gift of prophecy: “My mother, Milly, who passed away a couple of months ago was very psychic, and I know now without a doubt that my son has the same gift.”



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