About Obeah Spells

Obeah Spells is the unofficial blog of Ebenezer White – Obeah Scientist and practitioner of traditional African healing. Most articles are contributed by members of the spiritualist, revivalist and Obeah communities in the Caribbean and around the world. Not all articles represent the express opinions of Ebenezer White or Obeah Spells. We invite guest contributors to share their thoughts and encourage you not to be shy in submitting! Mr. White, or Papa Ebenezer, is an authority in the field of Obeah, lore and practical uses. Obeah Spells at WordPress is a free invitation to you from Papa Ebenezer to ask questions, study, learn about Obeah and share in your knowledge. Together we will bring this beautiful practice out of obscurity and into light of those who can behold it.

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