Bahamas Speculation About Hubert Ingraham in Obeah Cult

Pierre V.L. Dupuch compared the current political campaign – even speculated on it having roots in – the magical practice of Obeah. Here is what was said (bold mine):

Obeah is a Cult where the Gatekeeper, the person who decides life or death, is called Papa. Do you remember Papa Doc, the man who turned Haiti into a land of crime, murder, poverty and paupers?

Hubert Ingraham himself from a public platform said: “I am the Gatekeeper … ”

And it is said that the black hat he often wears is an Obeah hat.

Hubert Ingraham, I understand, has said: My name is “Hubert Papa Ingraham.”

Tee shirts have been printed that say, “It’s Papa or nuttin.”

Ads run in the local press say, “He’s my Papa, he’ll take care of me.”