Find An Obeah Doctor

This will be an ongoing list of Obeah Doctors, Herbalists, Scientists, Spiritualists, Mediums and other associated members of the Obeah tradition. Any may feel free to submit their contact information for a listing here. The comments will also be open to have fair reviews posted of work done and experiences.

Ebenezer White ( Ebenezer White is a Scientist with a history in Trinidad and Jamaica. He currently resides in London, in the United Kingdom. Ebenezer White offers courses on Obeah, spells, readings and more.

8 thoughts on “Find An Obeah Doctor

  1. Ebenezer is very good. Another good Obeah man in Portmore (Jamaica) is Father Smithson. He is who I see when I visit Jamaica. You should add him to the list.

  2. There is a lot of demand for Father Smithson, but unfortunately I can not find a way to contact him. If he would like to put his information here on this listing of Obeah Scientists I would be more than happy to publish it.

    So if you are out there Father Smithson, contact me if you wish and we can get you in touch with some of your clients!

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